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Is it possible to loan as a single if I live with my girlfriend?


I live with my girlfriend who is unemployed and I work with a permanent contract.
We have excellent finances and have saved money for the 15% of the loan.
When calculating the loan amount on SBAB web pages, I am not sure if I should put "single" or "sambo" as relationship status since I will be the only one who will seek the loan and own the apartment.
Can you please clarify whether I would be considered "single" if I am the only one to seek the loan and own the apartment?


  • Hi Ivan,

    Thank you for contacting us. If you and your girlfriend are living together today and will move together to the next apartment we need to calculate the cost of two adults in the household. Therefore you need to choose your relationship status as "sambo".

    Good luck!

    Best regards, Elin
    Elin Digital redaktör

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