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Mortgage deal settlement in case of lockdown?

Dear SBAB team,
I have a mortgage downpayment in place and the whole paperwork approved. The next step is actual deal settlement in the end of May 2020. The question is - does SBAB has a business continuity plan for government-level lockdown situation, when buyers/sellers/broker/bank staff have to stay at their homes and work remotely.

Like, our broker is ready to run the deal remotely with power of attorney issued. Is there something to support it on your side? Or maybe it is will be business-as-usual, since the whole broker-bank communication done over the phone?

The reason why I am asking is to be sure about risks which might affect moving in date and the whole scheduling


  • Hello Pavel,

    Thank you for contacting us. SBAB has conducted extensive preparations following the corona virus outbreak. Among these preparations there are contingency plans covering the scenario you are describing, put in place in order to safe-guard the continuity of our operations.

    Have a nice day!

    Best regards, Elin
    Elin Digital redaktör

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